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English and Brazilian Football

Brazilian and English Derby games how do they compare

December 2nd, 2012 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

Two football Derby games in one week. How do they compare to Brazil?


I recently had the pleasure of watching two Derby Cup games at different areas of England over the last couple of weeks.


  • Coventry vs Birmingham

League 1 vs Championship League Cup

  • Oxford vs Swindon

League 2 vs League 1 Johnson Paint Trophy


So I thought I would compare the atmospheres of these two games against one of Brazils largest Derby:


  • Santos vs Corinthians

Sao Paulo state cup.



The English playing style:


The three teams from League 1 and 2 played a very simplistic game of football that was more a kin to volley ball than the style of playing the ball on the floor. Every time the ball got near a player it was pretty much hit back up to the opposite end and the opposition had the pleasure of collecting the ball and hitting it back. With the ball generally wanting to be hit in the same area over and over again. Hopefully hitting the target man, who would then hold the wall waiting for support, or knock it down to one of his support players. This was definitely not the most exciting style of football, in fact in the Oxford vs Swindon game their was not a single shot on target in the entire first half, partly due to this style of football.


However, Birmingham did attempt to play it differently. They played the ball more on the floor, with a direct style of attack, get it to the wings either over the top or to the winger who would then attempt to cross or dribble past their defender and cross it in. This did not work for them and they lost in the end.



The Brazilian playing style:


Both of these teams have more money; Neymar is on 140,000 a week. When you get to the higher levels of football playing the ball to the front man and hoping he can hold it up either using his skills or strength generally does not work. (Unless you have Andy Carroll and team willing to work on that style of play)

Santos play direct and to the wings with the ball going on the floor and being aimed for their target man Neymar. However, Neymar rarely has the ball hit to him in the air and uses his skills over his strength to get past players.

Corinthians, direct, counter attack both on the wings and to the target man. However, their manager Tito is extremely adaptable and will get his teams changing their playing style (especially defensively) to suit the team that they are playing against.



English atmosphere:

The fans and game had a great energy before the kickoff, people drinking, chatting, banter between the fans and Riot police scattered around to keep a bit of calm.

During the game the banter continued with the fans chants going on throughout the game, with the winning teams, Oxford and Coventry, having their fans shout the loudest towards the end. The chants were incredible and totally different the Brazilian chants. The fans swore and cursed the opposing team and particularly taking time to berate the managers. After the game, fans had smiles and sulks, with the Swindon fans being kept behind for over an hour, behind security vans and riot police. However, the host cities who had both won their games remained quiet as a mouse the celebrations were all had by or in the stadium.



Brazilian atmosphere:

The buildup was as calm as in England and fans were able to mix, and police were around but it was no different to any other game. During the game the fans sang songs which reflected the passion and love they had for their club with steady drums beating to give them the rhythm.




In English:

I’ll sing pro world,
That the Saints,
That the Saints my first love.

I’ll sing,
Pro world,
That the Saints, the Saints,
It’s my first love.

I’ll sing,
Pro world,
That the Saints, the Saints,
It’s my first love.

Have a listen, it really does sound like a carnival. The other major difference was shown after the game. Santos had won and the entire city celebrated with the victory. Fireworks, drinking, dancing, cars driving through the streets into the early hours, blaring their horns, flags flying from their cars, and this continues into the next day. I hope that one day this happens in England and Oxford, lets see at the next World Cup…Let me know your thoughts.




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